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Cooking. Reading cook books. Watching food shows. Grocery shopping… name anything that has food and I love doing it! With my ever- growing collection of books on the subject and hours of ogling at pictures of deliciousness, it had to translate into cooking and blogging someday. So here I am, a communications professional by day and food blogger by night! For me, food is one of those things that I can never get enough of. In fact, I even tend to form an impression about people based on their eating preferences! Really, I believe (like the French do) that your appetite for food is directly proportional to your zest for life 🙂

This blog is all about everything that has to do with food!

Keeping the need for healthier lifestyles in mind, I try to make my recipes and dishes as low fat/cal and diet-friendly as possible. I’m no Nigella Lawson, she might make for a pretty picture, but let’s face it – all the full fat milk and double cream is only going straight to the hips. And hips don’t lie, remember? So, as far as possible I’ve replaced maida with whole wheat flour, butter with vegetable oil and sugar with honey or jaggery. I’m constantly experimenting to find new options and alternatives to favourite dishes without trying to compromise too much on their flavours.

There are a couple of questions that I’m constantly being asked. So to make things simple, I asked a friend to shoot me some of them and I answered them as best as I could.

So here goes…

When did you get into cooking?

Well, I won’t say something like I could bake and ice a cake by the time I was eight! But the truth is I really can’t remember. That’s simply because as I kid I would be the ‘assistant’ to my mum or dad when they were cooking and I think my interest in cooking stemmed somewhere during that time. Both my parents are great cooks so I guess it’s also in the genes 🙂

But when did you start taking cooking so seriously?

That was only about five-six years ago, when I was living away from home while studying and I found that I really enjoyed cooking and feeding people. It gave me a sense of contentment. Later on, when I started working I would always take whatever I made to the office. My colleagues were my first ‘guinea pigs’! The appreciation and compliments kept coming my way and suddenly one of my buddies at work gave me my first order. That was it! I started taking orders for friends and family, soon that became friends of friends and family. And you know how it goes on.

Tell us what your style of cooking is all about.

I like to keep things simple. The food has to look good and I do this by the use of colour, whenever I’m planning a meal I make sure I don’t repeat colours and try to make it as bright as I can. I also believe in making my food as healthy as I can, so you won’t find recipes here that are very oily or use too much butter.

Who is your inspiration?

Easily Jamie Oliver, I love the fact that he uses the freshest of produce and gives so much importance to vegetables, health and nutrition.

Apart from that, it would be my father. He was into the hospitality industry and had a keen sense of flavours, by just smelling a dish he’d tell you what was lacking! Every time I would cook, he would get the first bite and his suggestions really helped shape up some of the best dishes I’ve made. Even though he’s not with us any more, every time I’m in a bit of quandary about what to add or cook, I step aside for a moment and think about what he would have told me if he was around. And then I proceed.

You keep referring to some allergies on the blog…

Oh yes! I’m allergic to eggs, I don’t know how severe it is right now but I can’t handle eggs in their direct form. So no scrambled eggs or omelettes for me! I’m also severely allergic to figs and this is something I’m really careful about.

And finally, what do you do when you’re not cooking and blogging? 

I was a journalist for almost six years and right now I’m a PR professional. I call that my day job, because at night I’m almost always blogging 😉

Okay, now here’s a quickfire set of questions:

Your favourite…

Food book: Jamie’s Italy and Spiced by Dalia Jurgensen

Food-related movie: Without doubt, Julie & Julia. I also love Ratatouille

Appliance: Pressure cooker

Gadget: The OTG!

The ingredient you use often: Garlic. Lots of it!

Dream food holiday: Travelling all over Italy and eating at quaint cafes

The food you can’t live without: Dahi (curd) and fish. In that order

Your best dish so far: Ooops! That’s tough to pick. But I guess it will have to be the Chilli garlic prawns and when it comes to desserts, the Kit Kat cake and the Baked Cheesecake.

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