There’s an unbelievable amount of stuff that’s being said, written & spoken about protein powders. I ignored the cacophony for quite some time now but when I learnt I have a slight protein deficiency & since I started working out regularly, I’ve found the need to supplement my intake with that extra […]

Homemade protein-packed goodness

What do you get when you combine all your favourite things? Something so irresistible that you can’t stop eating. Okay, maybe I’m exaggerating a bit, but there’s salted caramel & dark chocolate involved here! Alright, so now that I’ve got your attention – without any more drama – here’s how […]

Cupcakes so sexy

You know these things about bar crawls? They almost always end up with a hangover! So when FBAI invited me for one I was a bit sceptical, in fact, even more so because it was right in the middle of the week. But this was happening in my neighbourhood – Kamala […]

Bar crawl minus the hangover

The husband and I make it a point to take one domestic & international vacation a year, minimum. So this year, we decided to go somewhere we’ve never been before. Yes, we took the Dalai Lama’s words seriously & headed to a part of the country we’ve not seen earlier […]

Eating our way through Dharamshala

One of the things that you realise as life goes by, another way of saying ‘as you grow up’, is that in times of comfort you always turn to the familiar. This could be a person, a blanket, a book or even food, like in this case, something that hugs […]

Seafood, made homestyle!

A lot of people say that brownies are super easy to bake but, this is one thing that I’ve not been able to grasp. Somehow that perfect recipe seems to elude me. I’ve tried so many versions! With cocoa powder, check. With melted chocolate, check. With white butter, check. With […]

Gluten-free goodness

Given the kind of stress-filled lives we live it’s so important to stop, take a breath, look around & lend a helping hand. Sometimes I feel that we are so blessed, that we are able to make a difference to the lives of others, it doesn’t always have to be […]

Food that touches your heart

I don’t need to say much about how much I believe in the importance of a good breakfast. If you’ve been following me for long enough, then you’d know it all! But with a new kind of consciousness setting in, the one about being mindful about what we eat, eating […]

Fully loaded

Just look around you, you will agree with me when I say that, food products are just flooding the market, and right at the top of the list are the health or seemingly healthy ones. So when Mondelez decided to host a Blogger Meet to introduce their new product – […]

A new treat from an old favourite

While those gorgeous red carrots, popularly known as Delhi carrots, are in season you need to make this kheer! It’s my grandmum’s recipe, used to be one of her signature dishes, and while I’m not much of a kheer person I do have fond memories of this dish; especially because […]

A kheer that Bugs Bunny would devour