Pannacotta is one of my favourite desserts to make. It ticks all the boxes – easy, simple and delicious. I love how you can use one basic recipe and keep adding things to it to give it a whole new persona. I’ve made so many different versions of this, I […]

A cup of coffee, anyone?

It’s been a while since I’ve posted a recipe for a cake. Not that I haven’t been baking them but, there’s so much happening! The husband and I are back from our holiday, which was oh-so-good, I don’t want to say too much about it here because I’ll only veer […]

An experiment done right!

Diwali’s here! Well, almost. Of course, it’s the season of lights, joy and everything happy. Okay, quick reality check, it’s also the season when you unintentionally end up putting on weight. Tell me, who can resist all those yummy goodies? I know, I know it’s hard to say no to […]

Sweet something for the festival

There’s been a long silence. There were issues with the blog’s domain and links. Work, travel and a whole lot of other things kept me on my toes. So when I sat down to blog today, I was wondering where to start, then I thought it’s best to start where […]

Start it right

Vile parle
It’s amazing how memories from your childhood play such a huge role in shaping you later on. As a kid, summer vacations in Bombay, what it was called then, were an annual ritual. My grandmum’s place was in Vile Parle and like anyone from another city, I was fascinated by […]

The power of an aroma

Spork 2
You meet so many people in a day. Now multiply that into weeks, into months, into years. Difficult to comprehend a number, right? Some you make an instant connect with, others leave a lasting impression and the rest, just fade away from memory. When I confirmed to meet up with […]

The importance of being ‘well-thy’

Fish curry
You know the best thing about living in so many cities & travelling so often? You get to taste some really lipsmacking dishes. Savouring something in its land of origin is a completely different experience. As much as I may crib about the travelling I’ve to do, I can’t deny […]

Inspired by my roots

Mango tea
Of late I’ve taken a fancy to tea. Not the chai kinds. I’m talking about the various herbal ones and the infusions that you get. I find them a great option to sip on in the evenings, particularly when those 5pm hunger pangs hit or you have that 3.30pm energy […]

A calming summer cooler

The markets are bursting with seams with all varieties of mangoes. The heady aroma is enough to lure you into buying a dozen, or two! In my last post I mentioned how I’d be doing a series of mango-based recipes, so here I am again. You know, the truth is […]

Mangoes for breakfast, anyone?

Summer is here and how! If the sweltering Mumbai heat is anything to go by, then we have blazing hot days ahead of us. I’m one of those odd ones who prefers summers to winters or even to monsoon for that matter. Perhaps it has something to do with the […]

The mangoes, here they come!