Almond & rum cake
If you follow me on my social media channels then by now you’d know that, Pinch of Salt has been shortlisted in two categories – Best Baking Blog & Best Recipe Blog – at the Indian Food Bloggers Awards 2015. Yay! If you want to show some more love then head […]

A twist and then some more

Watermelon & red grape sangria
We’ve been having people over quite often in the last few weeks, so I’m always looking for some easy, crowd-pleasing options. And when it comes to drinks, the one option that’s worked like magic is Sangria. I know, I know, it is hard to disappoint when wine, juice and fruits […]

Sangria on a lazy Sunday

Dhanvi kheer
One of the best things about a festival is that you get to gorge on some of the most delicious food. I know I sound like a glutton but, I also know that you agree with me. That’s why it’s no surprise that Ganesh Chaturti is one of my favourite […]

Feast fit for the Gods

Monday. That very word is enough to draw sighs and long face. Talk about the power of one word that can bring out so many emotions in different people! Well I have this thing about Mondays, no I don’t like them, but I have a technique that will make them […]

The truth about Mondays

It all started off with a simple comment that I’d left on Sangeeta’s blog, telling her about a Mangalorean dish that we make with sprouts. The next thing I knew was a mail from her asking if I could please share the recipe via a Guest Post. I jumped at the […]

Sprouts with a Mangalorean touch

When I signed up to join the Groovy Gourmets I knew there would be a lot of fun that I would be bringing into our meals, but for the past two months I haven’t really been all that regular. However when I saw their pick for September, I just knew […]

Burger with a twist

One of the reasons I get excited about going to Singapore is because of the dazzling variety of street food you get to eat. Would you believe that other than breakfast, I’ve not eaten a single meal in a hotel in this city? Really, it’s true, the hawker centres here […]

The making of gluttons!

Why ‘pinch of salt’ and how it came about… Pic: Corbis Often people have asked me why I decided to call my blog ‘Pinch of Salt’. For me, the answer is pretty simple – salt is one of those basic ingredients you can’t do without and even if you’re baking […]

The whys and the hows