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Perfect for a rainy day I’d got this packet of Laksa paste from a friend who’d just returned from Singapore and I was dying to use it. Even though this paste was for a fried rice, I decided to give it some twist to make this dish that I’d fallen in love with during a trip to Singapore.  Before we…

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Thai Red Curry

Thai Red Curry with veggies For me, Thai curry and rice is one of the most comforting lunch options on a rainy afternoon. I don’t know what it is with the cloudy weather and my craving for Thai curry! I’ve made the red curry paste from scratch several times and have improvised along the way to get a mix that…

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Taste of Thai

When it is pouring, dull and drab… I’m always craving for something soup-like to match the weather. Thai Green Curry Green curry paste – I used the one I bought from Singapore during a recent trip, but it is really easy to put this together. It can also be frozen, so even better 1 cup soya nuggets (soaked in water…

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