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Strawberry madness

How many of you out there like strawberries? Okay, I see a fair share of hands going up. I agree, it is hard to resist these deep red beauties. I’ll also admit that I tend to get a little carried away when they’re in season – you’ll find me making bottles and bottles of jam, like they’re going out of…

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Jamming about childhood memories

First things first, I never had any braids as a kid and now I can barely manage one; thanks to my ‘fashionably’ short hairdo! If you’re wondering what this is about, then let me put things in perspective – I’m writing this post for Indiblogger‘s contest on Dove’s latest offering: The Dove Split End Rescue System. The contest requires one…

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Cheesecake with the real Philly cream cheese

The creamy cheese and the tart berries are a combination worth cheating your diet for! Strawberry cheesecake with a strawberry-balsamic glaze There’s something about a cheesecake. I don’t know whether it’s the name – I mean, how can you say no to a dish that has ‘cheese’ and ‘cake’ in it? And now that the fiancé is crazy about cheesecakes,…

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