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A calming summer cooler

Of late I’ve taken a fancy to tea. Not the chai kinds. I’m talking about the various herbal ones and the infusions that you get. I find them a great option to sip on in the evenings, particularly when those 5pm hunger pangs hit or you have that 3.30pm energy drop at work. During a recent trip to Dubai on…

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Cheesy does it!

Cheesecake is a favourite at home, the hubby loves it and I’m slowly beginning to warm up to it and that’s a good thing I guess because it means it gives me enough bandwidth to experiment with various recipes. While the husband is happy that cheesecake is made at home frequently enough, I’m content with puttering about as I delve…

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The ‘M’ word

I don’t have to tell you about how much I heart muffins. Seriously, I like them plain, simple and served warm; none of the sugary sweet ones for me. And if you’ve got savoury muffins then you’ve nailed it. Big time! Oh hell, I’m drooling already, so let’s just get on to the recipe okay? One for me, please? I’d…

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