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Minus the guilt

How many times have you wanted to eat something but hesitated because you did a mental calculation of the calories going into it, or perhaps, the fat content? We all live with a whole lot of guilt. Yes, it’s true. But surely that doesn’t mean we compromise on what we eat, right? Having tried my hand at diets – the…

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Inspired by my roots

You know the best thing about living in so many cities & travelling so often? You get to taste some really lipsmacking dishes. Savouring something in its land of origin is a completely different experience. As much as I may crib about the travelling I’ve to do, I can’t deny the fact that it has taught me so much &…

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What makes a lazy lunch

Paneer. The very sight of this white cheese makes my taste buds curdle and then I’m met with incredulous expressions and raised eyebrows. “You’re a foodie and you don’t like paneer?” Well, if there is some rule in the foodie book saying you need to be nuts about paneer to qualify please enlighten me. *Raised eyebrow* While on the subject,…

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