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Something to munch on

Do you get those hunger pangs at 4.30-5 pm? Those crazy ones where you just, absolutely have to eat something? That would be me too. Usually, at these┬átimes I want something that’s savoury rather than sweet. And the problem here is that sometimes I go so mad with hunger that I’ll even wolf down a samosa. I can already visualise…

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Flavours that sing

Stone fruits are my new-found love, as you may have gathered from some of the posts here – there’s a lovely Peach Preserve that I made recently and then if you love fresh, fruity cakes you have to try this Peach & Yogurt Cake. While fruits in something sweet is a regular affair I’ve been toying with the idea of…

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A tale of two addictions

If you’ve been reading around here then you’ll know about the healthy choices that I’ve introduced into our meals these days. But one of the things that I’m finding difficult to shake off is the dependence on bread. So I’ve been advised to make some smart choices like – having only multi-grain bread, trying to make it at home often…

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