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Cookie time!

When it comes to baking cookies, that’s something which doesn’t happen too frequently in my kitchen. There’s a simple reason: All the mixing, folding, resting the dough, cutting them into shapes and then baking them and then cooling them before you finally eat it is just such a long process! I’m a sift, beat, bake kinda girl and the complicated…

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Ice cream!

Cookies and cream ice cream I’ve always been fascinated by homemade ice cream even though I’m not much of an ice cream person. Ever since I’d been looking online for ice cream recipes that didn’t require the use of an ice cream maker, I’d been itching to try this one. The basic thumb rule is 2 parts of fresh cream…

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Wholewheat vanilla and chocolate cookies Nice and brown: Just out of the oven I was at the supermarket picking up some groceries and stuff when I saw these oh-soo-cute cookie cutter, I picked them up and nearly put them back on the shelf but what stopped me was that little voice in my head that said, “Go on, make those…

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