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There’s still some time to go for Halloween later this month but the theme for October at The Groovy Gourmets was this festival. We had to make something scary! That was quite a challenge, I wondered if I should do some Ghost Cupcakes or maybe even cookies in the shape of something spooky? But that didn’t seem very appealing. Also…

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A comforting rice pudding

I’ve never been a fan of desserts that are too milky and that’s also the reason why you won’t find too many of them on this blog. Kheer, payasam and the likes make me wrinkle my nose and I wouldn’t touch those with a barge pole! I know, it sounds weird. Strange even, but that’s how I am. Maybe it…

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Nutty, gooey and warm!

Cinnamon raisin cake with sticky walnut topping It didn’t take long for us to finish this one off! It was one of those days when I managed to finish work early and since I had the weekend off, a rare luxury, I decided to do some grocery shopping that would keep me occupied for the next two days. On the…

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