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Cupcakes, anyone?

Eggless dark chocolate cupcakes with chocolate glaze All ready to be served I don’t know what it is about cupcakes that’s sparked off this whole craze. Can you imagine that there are stores in the city retailing just that, cupcakes! Maybe I’m being cynical, but I don’t really get swept off my feet by cupcakes and if its got a…

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A touch of mocha

Serve these individual puddings with some cream Once you’ve kinda mastered a recipe you’re brave enough to make additions and tweak the flavours a little bit. The Chocolate pudding recipe that I wrote about here has become such a favourite that I’ve made it thrice already. So when I’d to make it for the fourth time, I thought it would…

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…and we’re back!

Chocolate pudding After a month (and a little more) of silence on the blog front, I finally got down to typing this post. Work, travel and a million other things just kept coming up and I knew things were getting a little serious when a friend rang me up to say, “Why aren’t there any new recipe from you? Even…

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