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Dinner in minutes

What do you do when you have hardly any time and have to rustle up something quick? And no, take out isn’t an option in this case. I’m faced with these situations very often on a weekday. Since we try and avoid eating out Monday to Friday, I’m always looking for something fast, quick and simple to make. Maybe that’s…

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Pot pie adventure

I did a little jig when I saw what the Daring Bakers’ challenge for this month was – we had to make Pot Pies! I’ve eaten a couple of these and always been amazed at how delicious they are, anything you put into them – veggies, meat or even mushroom – always ensures a lip smacking result. Needless to say…

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Not just another chilli chicken

Perfect for a comforting meal with some fried rice Chilli chicken isn’t just any other dish, at least not for me, this Chinese favourite is bursting with memories and happy moments. As a kid, I remember polishing off some of the most delicious chilli chicken at the Presidency Club. Then it was at Dynasty, Chin Chin, Ming’s in Bombay and…

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