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Bar crawl minus the hangover

You know these things about bar crawls? They almost always end up with a hangover! So when FBAI invited me for one I was a bit sceptical, in fact, even more so because it was right in the middle of the week. But this was happening in my neighbourhood – Kamala Mills – so despite the pouring rains, there was no…

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A calming summer cooler

Of late I’ve taken a fancy to tea. Not the chai kinds. I’m talking about the various herbal ones and the infusions that you get. I find them a great option to sip on in the evenings, particularly when those 5pm hunger pangs hit or you have that 3.30pm energy drop at work. During a recent trip to Dubai on…

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Summer lessons

Don’t be fooled by the delicate colour Good God! This heat is really driving me mad. I’m serious, I’ve never felt so sick in my life – there’s a headache, some dehydration or just some other crazy heat-related problem that keeps cropping up all the time. If my fridge could accommodate, then I’d happily go and sit inside it, with chocolate,…

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