Bar crawl minus the hangover

You know these things about bar crawls? They almost always end up with a hangover! So when FBAI invited me for one I was a bit sceptical, in fact, even more so because it was right in the middle of the week. But this was happening in my neighbourhood – Kamala Mills – so despite the pouring rains, there was no way I could refuse. And I’m glad I went because not only was this great fun but the joy of chilling with some good company over food & drinks while it is raining like crazy is just something else.

So here’s where we began – at Verbena, a gorgeous rooftop bar.


We began with cocktails made using Aperol by Aspri Spirits. Aperol has a lovely, warm flavour that lends itself beautifully to cocktails.





While we were sipping on the cocktails we also nibbled on some starters which were delicious.

The next stop was Theory. I was excited about this one as I’d heard so much about the place but never got a chance to visit it. The mixologist here used Skyy Voda by Aspri Spirits to make us a cocktail with refreshing flavours of lemongrass, basil with the vodka. While everyone in the group was raving about this one, it’s not something I would order – this one came garnished with jasmine flowers & those of you who know me, know that I can’t stand heady floral fragrances; so I was happy with my glass of Espresso Martini!




Our last stop for the night was 1Above, again a rooftop bar, & by now it was raining cats & dogs! Here we were served dinner followed by shots of Patron by Aspri Spirits, this is an after-meal liqueur which has the heady aroma of coffee & notes of chocolate, rather strong but given the weather that day it seemed just about perfect!



We were also introduced to a new beverage – Morning Fresh. This is a homegrown concoction that you need to consume as your last drink of the day & it helps detox your liver. The result? You wake up fresh without any of the hangover blues!



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