A new treat from an old favourite

Just look around you, you will agree with me when I say that, food products are just flooding the market, and right at the top of the list are the health or seemingly healthy ones. So when Mondelez decided to host a Blogger Meet to introduce their new product – Cadbury Silk Oreo, I knew this would be something worth checking out. The event also promised a cook-along session with Chef Micheal Swamy.



Cadbury Silk Oreo

First things first, we tried the chocolate that has just been launched in the Indian markets. I tried this when I was in Dubai last year & I thought the combination of chocolate & Oreo were interesting. The one I tried here more recently, I found was sweeter, not something that I enjoyed too much. Which is why I got even more curious, I was wondering how the Chef would use something that is so sweet in the dishes he was planning to make with us.

Chef Swamy started off by using something that’s in abundance right now – strawberries, which he macerated in tea & pink peppercorns, topped it with the Cadbury Oreo & then lightly torched the chocolate. We were all waiting – chocolate, oreo, strawberries & pepper – seems like a whole ensemble of flavours; how would it taste? I went by the chef’s tip – had a bit of everything together – and I loved how everything contrasted & yet was in harmony together. I absolutely loved the strawberry & peppercorn combo, it’s something I’m definitely going to try soon!


Chef Michael Swamy

Next, we went on to make some Dessert Pizza. The Chef had brought a whole lot of dehydrated fruit & vegetables with him, these were so stunningly colourful that most of us couldn’t stop clicking pictures of it & of course, snacking on them!


Dessert pizza: Don’t those dehydrated fruits look beautiful?


We also made a lovely Chocolate Mint Pudding, for which the Chef used ‘Zebra goli’ – a black & white peppermint candy reminiscent of childhood – to add that zing to the dish.


Chocolate Mint Pudding: That’s the Zebra Goli, right at the bottom!


Then we were invited by the Chef to experiment with something on our own, some brave bloggers decided to come up with dishes & let their imagination take over.



Dessert made by bloggers

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