The importance of being ‘well-thy’

You meet so many people in a day. Now multiply that into weeks, into months, into years. Difficult to comprehend a number, right? Some you make an instant connect with, others leave a lasting impression and the rest, just fade away from memory.

When I confirmed to meet up with Namita Jain, who heads the legendary brand of cutlery, tableware & cookware – Kishco, the name rang a bell. As I stepped into the Kishco store on Marine Drive I was taken in by the charm of the place, think wood & gleaming cutlery that’s been carefully polished & placed on shelves. Namita & I got talking about one of her latest projects, which is very close to her heart, an initiative to inculcate the importance of dining etiquette in children. “It’s better to start young because the world is growing at such a pace, it’s nice to have kids acquainted with these habits,” she tells me while showing me a set of table mat & coasters which have pointers for etiquette printed on them. Namita also conducts workshops in schools. She’s brought out a video, a fun one & not a preachy monologue, that is shown during these sessions.

Spork 2

This Spork, a cross between a spoon & a fork, is one of the things I was absolutely fascinated by


4 A

An elegant tea set by Kishco

Mid-way through the conversation, Namita begins talking to me about healthy food & reminiscences her days as a columnist. A bell rings in my mind again. She tells me how she would rustle up dishes, shoot them, write recipes & send them to magazines. As we sip on some fragrant Kashmiri Kahwa, she tells me how important it is for women to look after their health. Generalisations aside, the bell rings again. It’s when she starts elaborating on her role as a Wellness Expert that the bell rings loudly & the pieces fit in. I ask Namita if she came up with fitness videos a few years ago? “Yes!” she exclaims. I tell her that I remember interviewing her as a journalist in Hyderabad. “Oh my gosh, what a small world!” we sigh. The conversation becomes more animated, we talk about how our lives have changed, “No matter what you do make sure you take time out for yourself. It is important for us to take care of ourselves,” Namita gently tells me. I nod in agreement.

Namita Jain

Namita Jain

We move on to talking about one of our favourite topics – food. Namita tells me how I can make food healthier. When I tell her I use whole wheat & alternative flours in my baking, she’s thrilled & proceeds to quickly give me some recipes I can try. Meanwhile, the sun is setting on Marine Drive & the sky begins to change colours. We could go on talking & just generally catching up, but that will have to wait for another day.

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