Breakfast for those in a hurry

We all know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. And we all know that one needs to ‘breakfast like a king’. But let’s be practical, shall we? Unless you have someone who will do a Mary Poppins and present a platter in front of you, it is next to impossible for working women like us to breakfast like queens!

In between getting ready for work, packing lunch and finishing my morning chores, having breakfast is something that becomes more of a hurried affair. Yes, I’d like to sit down and eat in peace but on a workday, time is a luxury! That’s often why I resort of solutions that let me prepare and have breakfast in a matter of minutes. So that this entire process sits in neatly with the rest of my hurried morning schedule.


Smoothies are my favourite go-to solution for breakfast in a hurry. I almost always ensure I use seasonal fruits, to up the fibre I also add some oats, throw in a couple of nuts and yes, I keep the sugar out. With gorgeous strawberries in season, we’ve been having a lot of these smoothies lately. Add a generous helping of freshly chopped fruit and you’ve got a sumptuous start to the day.

Strawberry-oat smoothie

8-10 strawberries, hulled and chopped

1 cup of yogurt (made with skim milk)

3-4 tbsp of oats

1 tbsp of almonds

2 tsp of wheatgrass powder

1 tbsp of Maple syrup/honey

A pinch of cinnamon powder


Put all the ingredients in the blender and blend until combined into a smooth paste. You may want to check midway to ensure it hasn’t become dry. If it has, then add a couple of ice cubes or some water and continue.

Pour into glasses, top with fresh fruit and serve.


  • If you don’t have wheatgrass powder then you can skip it. The colour of the smoothie will be even more pink
  • In case the strawberries themselves are sweet enough then you can eliminate the Maple syrup/honey
  • Add any nuts you like – walnuts, pistachios, etc. – however from a health point of view, almonds are ideal

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