What’s in that packet?


The stage is set

After all the talk around substances in packaged food, there have been eyebrows and questions raised about the ‘goodness’ of it all. I, for one, have consciously become more aware of what I buy and make it a point to read all the fine print and labels of any packaged product that I buy. Yes, I’m trying to cut down on our packaged food consumption but, I must also confess that in the mad rush that our lives are, this isn’t always possible. Which is why when I received an invite to attend ITC Food’s ‘You Ask, We Answer’, I knew I just had to attend.


Pic courtesy: ITC website

Once the formalities were done, it was time for V.L. Rajesh, the COO of ITC’s Food division to take over. Rajesh gave us an insight into how the business was born and has now grown, their values, principles and brands. Kavita Chaturvedi, who is the person behind Yipee noodles, took us through the brand’s journey. She also spoke about how this year has been a trying time for them and showed us how the company combated various hurdles to emerge a winner. You can read all about that here: http://www.sunfeastyippee.com/

After this was the ‘You Ask, We Answer’ session where Rajesh took over an swiftly fielded questions on a range of topics right from FSSAI regulations to organic produce and a lot more.


The Yipee Bombay Sandwich

Next came the fun part! All the invitees were divided into teams and were asked to make something using Yipee noodles. There was an open pantry to choose from too – almost Masterchef-like. We decided to do something, and we knew we were taking a risk, so we made a Yipee Bombay Sandwich, using the noodles in place of the bread! Innovative, isn’t it? The entire process of making this was great fun dotted with moments of chaos and a whole load of laughter. There was a trio of chefs from ITC who judged the dishes. Ours came a close second! But the best part was that all of us had gobbled up the dish just as soon as the chefs finished their judging!

The afternoon wound up with a sumptuous buffet, which also included some of their snacks and ready-to-eat products. The ITC Grand Central chefs had clearly gone to great lengths to put this together and it was evident in the brilliant flavours that we sampled.

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