A taste of Bengal

Sometimes the best food you get to eat is not at five star hotels with their fancy linen and cutlery, it is actually at these discreet places that you wouldn’t have thought of giving a second look at.

The restaurant scene in Mumbai is crazy, there’s a new one opening every other weekend and while this spoils you for choice, it also means that people here are hungry for new flavours. Bengali cuisine may not be new but when it is done well, it’s an absolute treat for the tastebuds. Feeast@East started out as a home delivery service and now has several outlets all over Mumbai. The chain opened their first sit-down restaurant, complete with a kabab counter, recently in Mahim, near Paradise Cinema. Given the number of eateries dotting this stretch of road, you’ll be forgiven if you don’t spot this place easily.


Step inside and you’re taken in by the simple decor, which is a tribute to both the cities of Mumbai and Kolkata, no-frills setting and heavenly aromas. We began the meal with an Aam Pora Sharbat, similar to the Aam Panna, and some kababs. The seekh kababs were just as they should be – melt-in-the-mouth and the chicken tikka was flavourful without being spicy. However, I found the reshmi tikka a little dry in comparison with the others.


After this we moved on to some fried bhetki, which was for me the highlight of the evening, subtle and retaining its juices despite the deep-frying, this dish was a clear winner. This was followed by some fish fingers, I expected these to be bland as
they usually are but to my surprise this was coated with a beautiful masala that wasn’t over-powering.


I knew there was biryani to be had – those of you who know me, will know that I can live on biryani – so I had just small bites of the fish fry and the vegetable chop. The IMG_20151006_205209biryani, which came next, was an absolute delight – the aroma won me over and  the flavours were spot on, it really does take you back to Kolkata. After this yummy biryani, I didn’t want to have anything else.

The husband, meanwhile, was thrilled to find that they had puris stuffed with green peas on the menu! So he had that with some aloor dum and cholar daal, simple but each of these had bags of flavour.


We decided to keep the dessert very simple so as not to insult the rest of the dishes we had just eaten. So we opted for the humble Aamer Chatni, which tasted like a semi-solid version of the Aam Papad, yumm!

Feeast@East is located at 10C, 76 A,Lady Jamshedji Marg, Opposite Paradise Cinema, Mahim West  you can find them on Zomato

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