Product review I Tropicana Slice Alphonso

The heaps of mangoes all around is enough indication that summer is here. While I’m not such a great fan of the fruit, I do enjoy it occasionally and relish some variants in desserts and beverages.
So when the guys at Tropicana & Slice asked if I would be willing to sample their new offering – an Alphonso mango drink, I was game. Having tasted products by both these brands individually I was curious to see what they would come up in this collaboration.
I was surprised when a huge carton arrived at home, I was expecting a much smaller one and something that wasn’t so neatly packed. The OCD in me was thrilled with the packing! Inside the carton were six, yes all six, bottles of the beverage. Immediately my head started racing with ideas of what all I could make – a cocktail for sure, maybe a cheesecake or even in a smoothie. But let’s leave that for another day.
Just out of the box!
Since I’m not such a big fan of mangoes I asked a couple of other people to taste it as well. The colour is a beautiful, deep yellow. The flavours are spot on, as close to the Alphonso as you can get. But I felt that the consistency was a little lacking, a  bit thicker and it would have ticked all the boxes for me!
Mango mania

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