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Well, it’s been a while isn’t it? I know, I know. The long silence on the blog isn’t the smartest thing. But when you’ve been travelling on work, been sick and then have had to put up with hectic schedules; things get pushed to the back burner a little bit. That’s what’s happened here. Would you believe this is the first Sunday in almost two months where I’ve been at home and just chilled out? Well, more or less like that. So I thought instead of sharing another recipe I should instead tell you about some of the culinary adventures I’ve had recently.

About two weeks ago we had been to the Mahim Koli Seafood Festival, an event that brought the cooking skills of the Koli (fisherfolk) community to the fore. The open air venue, pulsating music and vibrant colours only added to the appeal. We had some fantastic Surmai fry and Prawn biryani, wish we had the appetite for more though! The only downside? Wish the prices were a little more reasonable.

Scenes from the food fest
Then I made a cake that I’m terribly proud of. This one was for a very special couple that’s expecting their first child. The cake was a surprise and the looks on everyone’s face when they saw it was priceless! This was a Banana cake filled with homemade peach preserve and frosted with chocolate ganache. I sculpted the pandas from fondant, with a little help from Google 🙂 
Tale of three pandas!
I’ve had the chance to taste some really awesome food these last couple of days. Like this Chilli Chicken Croissant from Hearsch in Bandra. What I love about this croissant is that there’s no scrimping on the flavour or stuffing, it’s bursting with both! 
This croissant is just epic
Sometime last week we had been to the newly-opened restaurant in Lower Parel, Byblos. The husband and I are great fans of Middle Eastern food and this place held a lot of surprises for us. The standouts were a salad called Marrakech, a range of dips with warm bread and this spectacularly plated dessert – Oops I dropped the Lemon Pie! 
Marrakech: A salad with mixed greens, Chevre, orange segments and blueberry vinaigrette

From top: Onion pate, Hummus, Toum and Baba Ganoush

Oops I Dropped the Lemon Pie: This artfully plated dessert is a modern take on the classic Lemon Pie. Lemon Champagne Curd, Shorbread soil and Port Meringue
Yesterday I’d been to a Masterclass on Mexican food conducted by Chef Vikas Seth at Sancho’s, Colaba. I got lucky in a Twitter contest organised by HT Cafe. So yay! What I loved about this masterclass was that it was very interactive. The chef got us to actually cook along with him and that was the best part. We made some Pulled Chipotle Chicken which went into Quesadillas, Taquitos with young vegetables and a lot of other Mexican delights. However the highlight were these absolute melt-in-the-mouth Mexican wedding cookies. There’s a lot, and I mean a LOT, of butter in this but it’s just worth all the calories. Really! Here are some glimpses from the Masterclass. 
Mexican Wedding Cookies

Cookies in progress 

Chef Vikas Seth in action

Neat trays with carefully portioned ingredients 
A Mexican pizza
Talking about learning from chefs, we went for The Great Food Show this afternoon. For me, the star attraction was to watch the Masterchef Australia contestants in action. We were there right on time to watch Renae Smith whip up two dishes. Now I’ll admit, Renae wasn’t my favourite but what I could identify with her is the fact that she doesn’t stick to measurements. I’m like that too, which is why when I intend putting up something on the blog I’ve to make that extra effort to record exactly what goes into a recipe. 
Renae showed us how to make a Crispy tofu with corn grits and pesto and a Gingebread cake with cornflake anglaise and praline. I got to taste both of these and for the second one – here’s the best part – since I won a Twitter contest (yes, again!) I was called up on stage to taste the dessert. *does a happy dance* I liked both the dishes but for me what stood out was the praline, which she made using cornflakes and almonds. It was crunchy, nutty and just absolutely yummm! 
My 15 seconds of fame moment: On stage with Renae Smith 
The dish I got to taste: Gingerbread cake, cornflake anglaise with praline 

We also had this absolutely delicious Falafel roll at the food stall by Sahara Star. I really wished I could eat more of this! 

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