The smoothie that can double up as a pudding

Mangoes are the flavour and the rage now. I know I’ll get beaten for this but I’m not really fond of this fruit. Seriously. Except for the Banganpalli variety that you get in the south, which I will fight for, even the Alphonso doesn’t excite me. In fact, I don’t get the hype around this variety. For me, summer is more about water melon, musk melon and all the varieties of stone fruits that coming in by June. Heaven! 
That’s the reason why I keep experimenting so much with mangoes. And it is a great fruit to experiment with, whether it is in cakes, smoothies or even simply as a topping on granola. The versatility of mango makes it a winner every single time. 
Smoothies are a favourite for breakfast at home. Sometimes I even add oats to them to make it more substantial. They’re a wonderful option if you’re in a hurry and even better if you want a breakfast that keeps you full way into lunch time. Smoothies are simple to put together, if you’re confident about the flavours and their combinations you’ll have a winner every single time. This Mango & avocado smoothie is something that I saw on BuzzFeed Food. It looked so yumm that I immediately bought an avocado and willed it to ripe soon! This smoothie is creamy, tangy and mango-ey at the same time, the sabja (basil) seeds add a wonderful crunch. Whatever you do, do make this smoothie before the mango season runs out. 
Mango & avocado smoothie 
1 large mango, peeled and cut into cubes 
1/2 a large avocado, peeled and flesh scooped out 
2 tsp of honey, I used litchi honey
1/2 cup of whey, you can use curd instead too 
1/2 tsp of lime juice 
Blend all these together till smooth. Pour into glasses and chill for a while. 
Just before serving top with 1 tbsp of sabja (basil) seeds that have been soaked in water. 
*I used Alphonso for this smoothie, it was sweet enough so I didn’t need too much honey
*Since this smoothie is really thick you can top with some granola or seeds to serve as a pudding for breakfast! 
*If you like you can dilute by adding ice

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