Monthly Archives : December 2013

Santa has been generous again!

The Good Food magazine this month held a surprise for me – my comment on Beetroot Brownies was published! If you’ve been reading around here you’d know that I was featured in the November issue as well for trying out Red Velvet Sponge with Shrikhand. Now being featured back-to-back was really a double delight! Maybe that’s why I’ve been grinning…

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Dinner in minutes

What do you do when you have hardly any time and have to rustle up something quick? And no, take out isn’t an option in this case. I’m faced with these situations very often on a weekday. Since we try and avoid eating out Monday to Friday, I’m always looking for something fast, quick and simple to make. Maybe that’s…

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Solving snack-time cravings

You know that 5-o-clock-urge? The one that makes you want to grab something crunchy or indulge in some vada pav at the gaadi by the street. The one that leaves you craving for something crunchy or even sugary that will see you through dinner time? That’s the one I’m talking about. I’m not so much of a lunch person, except…

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