There’s still some time to go for Halloween later this month but the theme for October at The Groovy Gourmets was this festival. We had to make something scary!

That was quite a challenge, I wondered if I should do some Ghost Cupcakes or maybe even cookies in the shape of something spooky? But that didn’t seem very appealing. Also considering that the ‘October Heat’ has unleashed itself in Mumbai, I wanted to do something that may look spooky but had the exact opposite effect on the body.

Finally, after a lot of thinking and matching combinations in my head I decided to do a smoothie. But wait, this isn’t just ‘any other smoothie’, I know I make a lot of them, I added a couple of things give it that ‘Halloween-y’ effect!

Scary Smoothie
2 bananas, peeled and roughly chopped
1/2 cup of fresh curds
1/4 tsp of cinnamon powder

1 tsp of Sabja seeds, soaked in water for about 10 minutes (These are Basil seeds which swell when they’re soaked in water and end up looking like frog eggs!)
1 tbsp of strawberry jam, mixed with 1/4 cup of hot water

Drizzle some of the jam along the inner rims of the glasses and let it flow downwards. Place the glasses in the freezer for about 10 minutes to allow this to set.

Blend the first three ingredients in the mixie for about a minute or until it forms a smooth, thick liquid. Now pour this into the glasses and chill for a while.

Garnish with some of the Sabja/Basil seeds just before serving.

* This smoothie is full of health – there’s no sugar, the curds I used was homemade and Sabja seeds are known to bring down body temperature. They are said to be especially beneficial when consumed during the summer as it reduces risk of heat-related infections.

* I’ve used banana and cinnamon in this smoothie simply because that’s all I had at home on this particular day. However you can use any combination of fruits or nuts with curds for a smoothie.

* The drink ends up taking almost Falooda-like, next time maybe I’ll add some vermicilli to this to make a mock falooda!

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