When I signed up to join the Groovy Gourmets I knew there would be a lot of fun that I would be bringing into our meals, but for the past two months I haven’t really been all that regular. However when I saw their pick for September, I just knew I had to do this. Burgers, but without the usual potato patty, was the choice this month.

So I was wondering what to do, should I go the soya route or make it with some other veggies, mashed carrot perhaps? Giving it a second thought it just seemed very predictable. As I was going through all the stuff I had at home, I suddenly had an idea – how about using something like Kidney Beans? That’s exactly what I did!

This is a protein-rich burger that’s bursting with flavours. Since the Rajma and Masoor have distinct flavours of their own, I haven’t done too much in terms of seasoning. I also wanted the sauce to be a little mellow so I’ve served this one with Tzatziki.

Rajma & masoor burgers with Tzatziki

For the Tzatziki recipe, see here

For the burger patties
1/2 cup of rajma (kidney beans), soaked overnight
1/4 cup of whole masoor, soaked for 4-5 hours
1 cup of carrots, chopped
1 onion, chopped
2 cloves of garlic, finely chopped
2 tsp of fresh Basil leaves, chopped
1/2 cup of fine rava
Salt to taste

A couple of sliced cucumbers, onions and tomatoes, along with fresh lettuce

Pressure cook the rajma, masoor and carrots together with some salt, this will take about 4 whistles in the cooker till it gets soft and mushy. Allow the pulses to cool down and then mash it well.

Heat some oil in a pan and add the garlic to this when it turns a golden brown, add the onion and saute well. Add the Basil just before turning off the flame. Add this to the mashed pulses, season to taste and mash well again. Shape these into burger patties and then coat them in the rava. Allow the patties to rest for a minute and then shallow fry or bake them.

To assemble the burgers:
Cut the burger buns into half, I used the whole wheat variety
Spread Tzatziki generously on both the halves and place a slice each of tomato, cucumber and onion on the bottom half.
Now place the patty on this along with a lettuce leaf. Top with the other half of the burger bun and serve immediately.

* I served these burgers with some baked potato-garlic wedges, you can go traditional and serve it with French fries.
*If you like more flavour you can add some cumin powder or garam masala or even chopped green chillies to the burger patties.
*Tomato ketchup is the standard in burgers, you can use this but I felt that with a patty like this it would just overwhelm the flavours.

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