Yearly Archives: 2013

You know that 5-o-clock-urge? The one that makes you want to grab something crunchy or indulge in some vada pav at the gaadi by the street. The one that leaves you craving for something crunchy or even sugary that will see you through dinner time? That’s the one I’m talking […]

Solving snack-time cravings

I did a little jig when I saw what the Daring Bakers’ challenge for this month was – we had to make Pot Pies! I’ve eaten a couple of these and always been amazed at how delicious they are, anything you put into them – veggies, meat or even mushroom […]

Pot pie adventure

There’s still some time to go for Halloween later this month but the theme for October at The Groovy Gourmets was this festival. We had to make something scary! That was quite a challenge, I wondered if I should do some Ghost Cupcakes or maybe even cookies in the shape […]