Eat. Drink. Relax. Repeat.

I’ve been away for what seems like light years and when I logged in today I spent a good amount of time wondering what to write about. Yes, I’ve been cooking in the new home and for the new family but I haven’t been clicking pictures like I do. I do have a couple of random shots on my phone but that’s where it ends. So I was wondering if I should write about something that I’ve cooked earlier, but that some how didn’t seem right. As I was throwing up these ideas in my head I suddenly realised that one of the things that I could blog about could be the culinary adventures the husband and I had on our honeymoon.

The two of us are great foodies and one of the things that we were particular about while visiting Singapore and Bintan was to taste as much as we could of the local food. In fact, I didn’t even have a shopping list but a list of things that I must eat! These are the true confessions of a foodie.

At the picturesque island of Bintan, Indonesia we were staying at a resort where all the meals & drinks were in-house. When I initially heard this I was a little disappointed because the adventurous in me wanted to go out and explore the place, lounge on beach-side shacks and tuck into local fare. The husband assured me that the resort was big enough for us to do this and with a private beach it would make the picture complete. I was not convinced until I saw it. But when we left from there our palates and hearts were singing a beautiful melody.

That’s what I mean by idyllic

I can’t give you a dish-by-dish description of the meals that we had here because they were all buffets but I’ve taken pictures of the most interesting ones. What caught my attention was the sheer variety of cuisines – there was everything right from wood fire oven pizzas to Sushi and even ghee roast chicken, if you please! Here’s a glimpse of some deliciousness! Happy drooling!

Clockwise from top (for all pics): Walnut bread, shrimp and veggies in a tempura batter, corn & spinach salad, bean hummus, stuffed vine leaves, a single hot dog, French fry, chicken nugget, mushroom & Udon noodle salad, Kimchi & a slice of Margherita pizza

That’s breakfast: Veggie noodles, bacon, Turkey ham, chicken sausages, baked beans, croissant, hash browns, baked ham & cheese rice and a slice of Mozarella cheese

Green salad, Nasi goreng, prawn wafers, Margherita pizza, Seaweed (yes!) pizza, mushroom pizza and some sesame crusted fish with tartar sauce
When the weather suddenly became all cloudy and the skies opened up, this bowl of chicken noodle soup with some Japanese seasoning & enoki mushrooms made for a hearty meal
There has to be some dessert, like this chocolate bread pudding and some Butterscotch mousse
Or maybe a sticky chocolate cookie, melon, peach and pear cake, orange ripple cake and some strawberry mousse

And the meal can’t be complete without our glass of white wine and beer

Italiano: With some Calzone & pizza

A glass of Rose & a Mojito while lounging by the beach, yes! My wish finally came true
Absolutely indebted to the person who concocted this one!

Some more lounging with cocktails

Even our ferry from Bintan to Singapore had a touch of gourmet

 PS: I wanted to write about our adventures in Singapore in this post too, but I didn’t want to take away from this experience so I’m saving that for the next one.


  • Amy November 29, 2012 at 5:39 pm

    Seems you had a great time.Food look delicious.& place sounds a relaxing place…
    waiting to see your next post about Singapore….

  • Swathi Iyer November 30, 2012 at 2:40 pm

    Looks you had a wonderful time. great food and nice place.

  • December 11, 2012 at 9:16 pm

    I love the street food in Singapore or for that matter of any other country, it tells you the true taste of that place. Looks like you have had a great time! Have fun girl!


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