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There are some days when I just don’t have the energy to beat, whip and chop; that’s when I look for something I can quickly saute, shred and blitz. You get the picture? This was one of those days and with the mango season drawing to a close I wanted to try my hand at a sugar-free smoothie that would bring out the flavours of the fruits.

I remember having a mango-raspberry smoothie in Singapore once and the mix of the sweet-citrusy flavours had me spellbound. Up until then I always thought that it is better not to add any fruits to mango, lest it rob the thunder from the King of Fruits! But this was an eye-opener and I went on to try other combinations like mango with guava, strawberry, honeycomb, mint and so on. Ever since a mango smoothie had been on my list of ‘must try’.


Since I didn’t think 2 mangoes were sufficient I added a banana to the smoothie. The sweetness of both the fruits is potent enough to give you a high but mangoes can be unpredictable and it is my luck that I ended up with one that was bland! So I’ve used some honey in this recipe but feel free to omit it.

Mango-banana smoothie

2 mangoes, peeled and chopped into pieces
1 large banana
3/4 cup of fresh curds
1 tbsp of honey
A pinch of cardamom powder
Some cubes of ice

Blend all the ingredients together and pour them into individual glasses. Chill, garnish with some almonds or a few mango slices and serve.

*The sweetness of mango is the perfect foil to tangy fruits like orange, so you can add this or even others like kiwi fruit or passion fruit.
* When mangoes aren’t in season replace the fresh fruit with 1 cup of pulp, depending on the size of the mango.
* Top the smoothie with some muesli, fruits and nuts. Voila! A breakfast parfait is ready. 

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