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It is just hard to say no to anything crispy, fried and especially if it comes with this spicy-sour twist. Gosh! I’m drooling already. On earlier occasions I’ve waxed eloquent about my missing sweet tooth but hold on, life isn’t fair (whoever said it was?) and so to compensate for this, I’ve been gifted with this unique ability to drool, reach out and munch on anything crispy within about 10 seconds of me laying my eyes on it. I’m serious. But thank God! It’s just the texture that matters so I’m always tricking myself by munching on things like slices of crisp apple or carrot sticks with a sour dip. The things we women have to do to control the ever-expanding hips. Sigh!

Anyway, so this one (typically) lazy Sunday when the lunch menu changed about a dozen times in a couple of hours, we were left with a spicy, fragrant vaangi bhath, the extremely pink and refreshing solkadi. Somehow it felt incomplete to me so I thought of roasting some of my favourite red chilli papads and making a quick onion raita. But just my luck, the papads were all in pieces! I looked at them aghast, giving them the look hoping that it would possibly magically will them to join together. Alas, I’m no magician. Instead I suddenly remembered reading about this dish pappada kosambari (literally translated as a salad/kosambari  made with papads) in the book The Konkani Saraswat Cookbook, I knew I had all the ingredients and since this would use up the papads and the onions, we were sorted.

One of the biggest plus points about this dish is that it takes hardly any time to make and it’s also a good way of using up leftover papads (if you have any, that is!). We’ve eaten this as a snack too and it’s served the purpose. As a salad it didn’t outshine the rest of the dishes on the dining table but gave the meal the right amount of kick it needed to become a special Sunday lunch.

Pappada Kosambari 
6-7 red chilli papads, deep fried, drained and allowed to cool down
1 large onion, peeled and chopped
A handful of coriander leaves, chopped
Juice of 1/2 a lime
Some grated coconut – to garnish
Salt to taste

Crush the papads and mix the onions into them. Add salt and coriander leaves, sprinkle the lime juice and mix well. Now sprinkle the grated coconut to garnish. Check seasoning and serve.

Ready in minutes

* If you don’t have red chilli papads, use any other variety. If you’re using the plain one then you can add some chopped green chilli to the recipe or even add some red chilli powder.
* Serve this salad the minute it is prepared because otherwise it will become soggy.
* Make sure the papads have cooled down before you begin this salad, otherwise they will react with the onions and you’ll have a really unsavoury dish at hand.

I’m sending this to Exhibit Every Bite at Jiya’s Delicacy, Guest Quest at Amina’s Creations and also to my first event Salad Splendour

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