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I don’t know what it is about Pondicherry (okay fine, Puducherry!) that the food tastes so awesome there. In fact, I can’t find a single instance when I’ve not liked what I’ve eaten in this sleepy, charming town. The Grilled Tiger Prawns with garlic butter at Rendezvous are a huge favourite and to tell you the truth, I’m drooling as I type about it! Another dish that I fell head-over-heels for is the Crepes stuffed with spinach, corn & mushroom at Satsanga. And I’d waxed eloquent about the both these dishes to the fiance, so much so that he was drooling over the phone too and had even Googled these places before our trip there this weekend. 
But you know that person called Murphy and that other one called Karma? Yes, those two were seriously miffed with us, it looks like, and just as our bad luck would have it, both these restaurants were closed for renovation! *open mouthed* I know! Okay, I’ll admit I knew Rendezvous was closed because a friend had been there the previous weekend and she told me about it but to see both my favourite places shut in the city was really a downer. Now what to do? 
We drove around for a while with rumbling tummies in search of a parking spot and a place for breakfast. Finally, the beach beckoned and Le Cafe it was! Oh my, sitting by the sea, overlooking the waves and tucking into scrumptious breakfast with your soulmate for company has to be the single most, what is that word Nigella Lawson uses, ah yes; gratifying experience. And for a moment we were actually happy that the usual joints were closed because that gave us a chance to explore some new places and make some delicious discoveries. So here’s what we ate, drank and nibbled on in this erstwhile French colony.  
My breakfast at Le Cafe: Muesli with yogurt and fresh fruits. 
I also had one of their famous Cheese croissants and a cup of masala chai. The croissant was lovely – flaky and very cheesy, it was gobbled up so soon that we didn’t have time to click a picture! 
The fiance’s breakfast: Cheese omelette, toast, jam and butter

In the fiance’s words, “This is one of the best omelettes I’ve had. Plain looking but so delicious.” And this coming from a man who knows what he wants on his plate and how he wants it, that’s a huge compliment. He washed this down with a tall glass of banana milkshake and I know he liked this too because the minute he took a sip, he closed his eyes and broke out into this huge grin. *big grin* And I’m not grinning just because he did, but that’s just the effect his dimple has on me. *BLUSH* 

So after a biiiig breakfast we went off exploring the place, did some shopping and generally soaked in the lazy vibes. Along the way we stumbled upon the drool-worthy Choco La , which surely has the power to make any chocoholic feel like he’s Charlie in the chocolate factory. Take a look and you’ll know what I mean.

I want one of each! 
Help me, dear God
Oh hell yeah! 
Another reason why we should save the planet
After all the exploring we decided to grab a bite to eat, but the breakfast didn’t leave us with too much space to binge and I’m actually glad for that otherwise I would’ve found it difficult to drive back! So we stopped at the snazzy Asian House for some nibbles and good ol’ beer. 
Bali prawn at Asian House redolent with fresh herbs and bold flavours. Simply delish
Roast chilli pork at Asian House, this was just about okay, if they’d not left the huge chunks of the fat in maybe the dish would have disappeared faster.
Since we were pressed for time we decided to drive back to Chennai the same evening but that wasn’t before a brief halt at Auroville. I also picked up some super organic ragi spaghetti here, but more about that later. As we ooh-ed and aah-ed over the various sights here, checked out the stores, book stop and made other discoveries, we realised we were thirsty. Really thirsty. And in one corner of Auroville we spotted this little kiosk with juices, tea, and solar-powered ice creams (wow!). Both of us were curious to try out the Hibiscus juice and we downed glasses of this. Slightly sweet, with a dash of lemon and fresh flavours the juice gave us perfect respite from the heat and recharged us for the long drive back home. 
Refreshing: Hibiscus juice 
That was one trip worth remembering. Like it is said by St. Augustine,  β€œThe world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.” 

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