Event: Salad Splendour

The heat wave continues even though we know monsoons are just around the corner. Btu whatever the weather, salads are one thing that anyone will find hard to say no to. You can serve them as an accompaniment to a main, a hearty salad is also good enough to eat for a meal by itself and for the weight-watchers this is the best bet when it comes to satisfying hunger pangs.

Join me for the first event on my blog and I’m beginning this with salads!

Here are the rules for the event:

  1. There’s no limit to the number of entries, any number is fine. The more, the merrier 🙂
  2. All posts linked to this event must and usage of logo is mandatory.
  3. Archived links are okay too but you need to re-post them with the logo and a link to this post.
  4. Use the linky tool to link your entries for the event and I’d prefer it if you leave a comment on this page so that I don’t miss seeing your entry. 
  5. The best part: Posts with any kind of ingredients are welcome! Non-veg, eggs, seafood…. bring it on!

Update: I’ll also be giving out awards for the most innovative recipe, the most enthusiastic participant and some more. To qualify for these you will have to:

  • Like my page on Facebook. There’s a button on the right hand side which will direct you to the Pinch of salt page on FB. 
  • You will also, obviously, have to be a follower of the blog publicly. Come on bloggers, show me the love! 
  • And you will also have to subscribe to my posts by e-mail.
Yes, its that simple 😀

    In case you have any trouble linking up, send me your entries to renuka.10@gmail.com and mention ‘Salad splendours’ in the subject. Send these along with a picture (of good resolution, of course), the recipe, your blog link and URL.

    Boun appetito! 

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