The cake that travelled to Bengaluru and made the niece smile!

Waiting to be pounced on!

What do you do when you have to bake for a two-year-old’s birthday and that too for someone who is smitten by cake and chocolate? A chocolate cake is perhaps the most obvious answer. And yes, that is the first thing that came into my mind when I’d to bake my niece’s birthday cake but then, I wanted to do something different. I didn’t want it to be just another chocolate cake. No way!
Initially I was thinking of doing cupcakes in two different flavours with a chocolate buttercream and loads of colourful sprinkles. Then I thought of doing some butterfly cakes but I wasn’t too happy with the idea: one, because I’d to transport it from Chennai to Bengaluru and two, because I don’t think you can really cut a cupcake for a birthday, even if you’re just two! So I was telling my mom this and she knew how I wanted to make this one cake very, very special and mom being mom also knew that there was this Kit Kat cake which I’d been planning to make for a long time. She thought it would be a great idea. I thought for a couple of seconds and I agreed – it would be simple to transport too, all I’d to do was bake the cake and pack it, carry the frosting and the chocolates separately and I could assemble it just an hour before serving. Voila!
I know you’re supposed to pour Gems or M&Ms on the top like this, but I’d really pretty crescent moon sprinkles that I’d picked up especially for this occasion. So I held back the last packet of Gems and used these instead. Also, with the Kit Kats, you’re supposed to make a fence but when I did that I thought it robbed the beauty of the colourful topping on the cake so I spaced them out a bit but you’re free to stick to whichever version you like. 
This is a terribly easy cake to put together and all it takes is some smart planning. I mean, all you gotta do is bake a cake, or two, frost it and cleverly garnish with the chocolates. The end product looks so impressive that it looks like you’ve been slaving over this cake, just enjoy the compliments! 
The cake I’ve used here is a basic chocolate, eggless cake that I’ve adapted from the book Bakin’ Without Eggs by Rosemarie Emro. I just made a couple of alterations like adding the flax seed powder (which I know makes the cake a lot fluffier) and some Golden syrup to add a shine to the cake. 
Kit Kat cake
For the cake
60gms of dark cooking chocolate
3 tbsp of milk
3 ¼ cups of all-purpose flour
1 tsp of baking soda
½ tsp of baking powder
¾ cup of vegetable or canola oil (you can use olive oil too)
1 tbsp white vinegar
1 tbsp of Golden syrup
2 tsp of Flax seed powder
1 ½ cups of demerara sugar (can replace with white sugar)
1 tsp of vanilla essence
1 ½ cups of cold water (approx)
Melt the chocolate and milk over a double boiler or in the microwave until it forms a thick paste. Now keep this aside.
Sift the flour, baking soda and baking powder into a big bowl and keep it aside. In another bowl mix the sugar, vanilla essence, vinegar, Golden syrup and Flax seed powder, combine well. Add the flour to this and mix, now slowly add the water to this and keep stirring until it forms a smooth paste without any lumps. You may need to adjust the quantity of water according to the consistency of the batter. Pour the batter into a greased, lined baking tin and bake at 180 degrees Celsius for 40 minutes. Mine was done in exact 40 minutes and I was mighty pleased that I didn’t have to put the cake back into the oven. Allow the cake to cool down completely before frosting it.
I adapted it from this recipe
For the frosting
20 gms of dark cooking chocolate
2 tbsp of milk
1 ½ tbsp of unsalted butter
½ tsp of vanilla extract
1/3 cup of powdered sugar
Melt all the ingredients except the sugar together in a double boiler or even in the microwave. Stir until it forms a smooth paste. Now slowly add the sugar to this and mix well until it becomes thick. Allow it to cool down before using. You can store this in the freezer for a couple of months.
To assemble the cake:
2 big packets of Kit Kats
3 big packets of Gems
25 gms of colourful sprinkles
Once the cake and the frosting have both cooled down use a palette knife and apply the frosting all over the surface and sides of the cake. Keep it in the fridge for about half an hour to allow it to set.
Apply a thin layer of frosting on the sides of the cake; alternatively you can also apply a dot of the frosting on the Kit Kat so that it acts like glue. Now place the Kit Kats along the border of the cake. Use a long piece of ribbon and tie the Kit Kats together; apart from the pretty-ness factor this also holds the Kit Kats together. Now sprinkle the Gems or any other sprinkles on top. Again, place the cake in the fridge for a minimum of one hour before serving it. Enjoy!
Peek-a-boo with Kit Kat
  • If you’re making this cake for adults, add 1 tbsp of rum or any other flavoured liquer to the frosting after mixing in the sugar. This will perk up the flavours very well.
  • You can also cut the cake into two halves horizontally, apply frosting or a filling, sandwich them and then proceed. I’d have liked to do this but I really didn’t have the time.
  • You don’t have to stick to chocolate, use a vanilla cake with chocolate frosting or even a chocolate cake with vanilla frosting. Flavour the cake or the frosting with some essence or orange zest… the possibilities are mind-boggling!

Burst of colour

Ideally I’d have liked to take pics of each and every step but then there really wasn’t too much time so I’ve got pics of different angles of the same cake. But you can look at RecipeGirl’s space for step-by-step instructions. Drool!

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