Monthly Archives : May 2012

The great foodie exchange

When Sangeeta Khanna of Healthy Food Desi Videshi told me that there was a pack of sun-dried tomatoes in the stash of goodies she was sending me, my mind threw up a dozen possibilities – foccacia with sun dried tomatoes and basil or a simple pasta with cream sauce, sun-dried tomatoes and fresh herbs or should I just put it…

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Not just another chilli chicken

Perfect for a comforting meal with some fried rice Chilli chicken isn’t just any other dish, at least not for me, this Chinese favourite is bursting with memories and happy moments. As a kid, I remember polishing off some of the most delicious chilli chicken at the Presidency Club. Then it was at Dynasty, Chin Chin, Ming’s in Bombay and…

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Native flavours

Fish curry, rice, onion, lime & a dollop of curd (missing in this pic) equals bliss! Discovering new spices and a good ol’ fish curry Repeat after me, ‘There is nothing like fish curry and rice…’ *big smile*  I may not have lived in my native place, Mangalore and nor do I visit it every year but when it comes…

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