Celebrating 6,000 with frozen yogurt

I love curds, dahi, yogurt… call it whatever you like, but this is one dairy product I just can’t live without. Yes, that’s the staunch south Indian in me speaking. For someone, who can’t stand the sight or smell of milk or anything milk-based it comes as quite a surprise when I proclaim my love for curd! Now, I’ve got a confession to make – even if I’ve eaten out for dinner, whether it is chaat or fine dining at a star hotel – I’ll always come back home and have that bowl of curds before I go to sleep. There, I said it! I’ll also admit that I make fun of a special someone just because he loves curd rice and can’t finish a meal without it but then, I also think its our love for dahi that’s brought us closer. 
Anyway, enough of romanticising yogurt. When I logged in this evening and saw that the blog had crossed 6,000 hits I was quite shocked. Yes, shocked is the word. I didn’t think it would happen so soon, I mean it was just a couple of days ago that I was dancing around for the 5,000 milestone, wasn’t it? Well, time certainly flies and just for this one thing, I couldn’t be any more thrilled. 
Mexican vanilla bean infused frozen yogurt with black grapes
So I decided that this called for a little special something. I had this vanilla bean infused frozen yogurt recipe and pictures tucked away at the back of my D: drive, this is one dish that was so simple to make and produced such brilliant results that I was hooked immediately and decided that it was something that I’d be making very often. The original recipe called for Greek yogurt, but I couldn’t find any of that. So I used hung curd instead and I replaced the sugar with some honey for that healthy touch.
300 ml of fresh curds 
1/2 a vanilla bean, with the innards scraped out
1/2 cup of honey, use more if you want to increase the sweetness
Place the curds in the centre of a muslin cloth, bring all the ends of the cloth together and tie it up. Now hang this at a secure place and keep a bowl underneath to collect all the whey. Keep this for about two hours until the whey stops dripping. 
Transfer the curds to a mixing bowl and then add the rest of the ingredients to it. Mix well and check the sweetness of the dish and adjust according to your taste. Pour the contents into an airtight container, secure the lid firmly and refrigerate overnight or at least for about 6 hours. It is advisable to remove it once or twice from the fridge, scrape all the contents and put it back in. This is done to get rid of any crystallisation. Serve chilled with fruits of your choice, I used black grapes as I love the black grapes and yogurt combo.  
 * You can go ahead and use sugar instead of honey, but use powdered sugar for best results. 
* If you like fruits, add some fresh fruit puree or pulp to the yogurt at the mixing stage. Fruits like strawberries or mango make for great flavoured frozen yogurts. 
* Go wild with the toppings – nuts, cookie bits, fresh fruit, tutti fruti and the works!

A scoop full of yumm!
This delicious dessert is made with just three ingredients, so I’m sending it to Just 4 Fun at Good Food
And then again to Anusha’s Summer Spirits

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