Ice cream!

Cookies and cream ice cream

I’ve always been fascinated by homemade ice cream even though I’m not much of an ice cream person. Ever since I’d been looking online for ice cream recipes that didn’t require the use of an ice cream maker, I’d been itching to try this one. The basic thumb rule is 2 parts of fresh cream to 1 part of condensed milk. With this formula in my head, I set out to make cookies and cream ice cream on a lazy Saturday afternoon for lunch the next day.
What you’ll need
2 cups of fresh cream
1 cup of condensed milk
1 small packet of chocolate cookies (crushed)
1 tsp of vanilla essence
Whip all the cream together to form soft peaks. Mix the rest of the ingredients together and slowly, gently fold in the cream. Mix well. Pour into an airtight container and freeze. After two hours, take out the container and beat it again, repeat this every couples of hours to avoid crystallisation. Allow the ice cream to be in the fridge for about 8-10 hours or overnight. Give it one final beat about 3-4 hours before serving. Scoop into bowls and serve with any sauces/toppings that you like. Enjoy the compliments 🙂
If you’re serving the ice cream for an adult gathering, add 1 tbsp of rum or vodka to the mixture, the alcohol helps to prevent crystal formation. 
Use the 2:1 rule and try any combination you like. The next on my list? Dark chocolate-orange ice cream!

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