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It was one of those days when I had a little bit of everything and I just wanted to get rid of them that day! I first thought of making a baked dish, but that was too much effort. I didn’t have the patience to make quesadillas or parathas and I didn’t want to have pasta again (yup, it was one of those rare days!). The minute I saw some ready-to-eat pita bread I knew what I should do, and this is what happened:

1 cup of grilled, herbed chicken, chopped into bite-sized pieces (the recipe is there on the page where I’ve given the one for the whole wheat pizza)
2 bell peppers of different colours, chopped
2 jalapenos, finely chopped
1/2 cup of sweet corn kernels, blanched
1/2 cup and a little more of sliced mushrooms, from the pizza again
1 small green zucchini, cut into slices and grilled with olive oil
3-4 tbsp of fresh pesto
4 tbsp of eggless mayonnaise
2 tsp of dried herbs
Salt and pepper to taste

Basically you can add anything to these wraps – sprouts, fish, baby corn, grilled pineapple, leftover tandoori chicken… the possibilities are endless. Just make sure you have enough cheese, mayo and mustard/pesto and a base (leftover rotis are good too).

Pic: Corbis

Heat a pan and slightly roast the pita bread/ rotis till they are golden brown on either side. Place this on a plate and spread the mayo and pesto evenly across the surface. Now add the fillings of your choice, follow this up with some cheese and a dash of Tabasco, if you like the spice. Roll it up and warm it on the tawa or in the oven just before serving, just enough for the cheese to melt. Serve this with some wedges or even a glass of chilled smoothie – yummy in the tummy 🙂

I’d taken this for lunch to work one day and my colleagues loved it! It was such an instant hit that one guy was willing to trade chicken biryani for this!

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