The raita that goes with anything!

Bhurani raita

One of my (many) weakness is curd, it’s something I can eat anytime of the day and even adapt it to my mood – a little sprinkle of chaat masala when I need to perk up my mood, throw in some grapes when I’ve to indulge my sweet tooth… and so on!

This is one raita that I’ve made a dozen times and it never fails to attract compliments, what amazes me is that it is so simple to put together and then it makes a simple pulao or aloo paratha taste like a winning dish. I got this recipe from a chef who had spend most of his life researching on Awadhi cuisine and Chef Sherif told me that this dish was a staple in the region and served most often with the famous Awadhi biryani. The minute I tasted this raita, I knew this was going to be a staple at home too.

Pic: Corbis
Pic: Corbis
If you want to make this, then make sure you’ve got
3-4 cloves of garlic
2cups of curd, I always use homemade
1 tsp of jeera, roasted on a low flame and coarsely powdered (this needs to be done fresh as this is what gives the raita that fresh, earthy flavour)
Salt to taste
It’s super simple!
Just crush the garlic and add it to the curd along with the roasted jeera powder and some salt. Mix, adjust seasoning and serve. Yes, it is that easy!

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