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Mango-cardamom sorbet

When you have a heavy meal it almost always has to end on a sweet note, especially on a lazy afternoon when the only thing on your agenda next is to snooze! But this was one of those days when ice cream or a cake would’ve been too heavy and not having dessert, was well not even an option. I chanced upon some Alphonso mango pulp in the fridge and decided to make a simple sorbet, that’s sweet and easy on the stomach too. 
Here’s what I did
2 cups of mango pulp, you can make it fresh and add sugar to it to get the sweetness you like
2 tbsp of milk
1 green cardamom, peeled and powdered
Sprig of mint to garnish
….And lots of patience!
Mix all the ingredients except for the mint and pour into an airtight container. Freeze for about two hours and then take it out, now use a fork to scrape the sorbet so that it resembles a mass of ice crystals. Now put it back in the freezer, and repeat the process! Do this at least three times. Spoon the sorbet into individual bowls when you’re ready to serve, garnish with mint.
You can try various combinations of sorbet, I particularly like the cucumber-mint one that’s more of a refreshing palate cleanser. Musk melon and orange also works well and so does black grape with a hint of guava. 

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