That Christmassy feeling

Yes, there’s quite a bit of time left for X-mas.  I decided to try my hand at making a Christmas cake, the traditional way this time, with three weeks to go… it was time to start the mixing

40 gms of raisins (both black and yellow)

40 gms of almonds (coarsely crush them or blitz in the mixie for 10 seconds)

30 gms walnuts (I beat the packet with a rolling pin so I could get small pieces)

50 gms tutti fruitti

50 gms cherries (roughly chopped)

30 gms cashewnuts

10 gms candied ginger

10 gms orange and lemon peel
Some cloves, cinnamon (I used the powder), cardamom and star anise

Alcohol – lots of it, preferably rum or brandy

Mix all of it with the alcohol, put in an air tight container, cover with clingfilm. Allow this to rest for at least two weeks. Give it a shake and add alcohol if its dry when you check at the end of a week.

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