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This is a recipe for a chocolate, eggless cake that I got from my mother and we’ve been making this for years. It is so simple and basic, of course you can use this as a base for a black forest, gateaux, etc. but it tastes yumm as it is! […]

Basic yummy-ness

It was a cold, rainy Monday evening and I’d got home early, was in no mood to eat roti and bhindi – all I needed was something hot and comfortable. This is what I had: Roasted tomato and noodle soup 3 medium sized tomatoes, cut in halves 1 small carrot, […]

Noodle soup!

I love garlic. And, that’s a huge understatement for someone who thinks baked whole garlic is the best part of a meal!Anyway, so I had some chicken with me and I thought of whipping up my own version of a garlic kabab, which is light years away from the delicate […]


I found this recipe on a food website and have been making this one for almost three years now, with my own ‘twists’ to it. This banana cake is simple to make and is a great idea if you have over-ripe bananas in the house. Serve this one warm with […]

Go bananas!!

We needed something to snack on one lazy Sunday afternoon. I love the chicken sausages they serve at 10 Downing and at the Presidency club, so I just jogged my memory a bit and put together this. Spicy chicken sausages 1 packet of chicken sausages, chopped1 medium sized onion, chopped1 […]

Bar snack in minutes

Yes, there’s quite a bit of time left for X-mas.  I decided to try my hand at making a Christmas cake, the traditional way this time, with three weeks to go… it was time to start the mixing 40 gms of raisins (both black and yellow) 40 gms of almonds […]

That Christmassy feeling

I was watching the show Ultimate Cake Off and I was itching to bake something the entire day. As a rule, I don’t use eggs in my baking (I’ve got an allergy & so does mom) but then I thought I’d brave the eggy smell just this once and try […]


 When I was stuck in the traffic on the way back home last night, a lightbulb moment happened! Here’s what it looked like when I put it into action: Low fat Shrikhand2 cups of dahi (made using skim milk, I make this at home & it sets very well – […]

No fuss dessert