I love garlic. And, that’s a huge understatement for someone who thinks baked whole garlic is the best part of a meal!Anyway, so I had some chicken with me and I thought of whipping up my own version of a garlic kabab, which is light years away from the delicate ones that you usually find […]

Go bananas!!

I found this recipe on a food website and have been making this one for almost three years now, with my own ‘twists’ to it. This banana cake is simple to make and is a great idea if you have over-ripe bananas in the house. Serve this one warm with a scoop of vanilla ice […]

Bar snack in minutes

We needed something to snack on one lazy Sunday afternoon. I love the chicken sausages they serve at 10 Downing and at the Presidency club, so I just jogged my memory a bit and put together this. Spicy chicken sausages 1 packet of chicken sausages, chopped1 medium sized onion, chopped1 small capsicum, chopped1 green chilli, […]


I was watching the show Ultimate Cake Off and I was itching to bake something the entire day. As a rule, I don’t use eggs in my baking (I’ve got an allergy & so does mom) but then I thought I’d brave the eggy smell just this once and try something. After seeing those oats […]